Taiji Interfest 2018 - Teachers

 Professor Li Deyin

Professor Li Deyin is one of China’s most famous Tai Chi Masters and creator of a number of modern-day competition routines such as 24 Step Taijiquan, 48 Step Taijiquan, Taiji Kungfu Fan and Xiyangmei Taiji Kungfu Fan. He is also the highest authority on 24 step simplified Yang style Taijiquan, 88 Step Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan, Wudang Taiji Sword and 32 step Yang Style Taijijian in the world.

Professor Li was born into a traditional martial arts family and his grandfather, Li Yu Lin (disciple of Sun Lu Tang), was his teacher. His early training mostly focused on Ji Ben Gong (foundation skills) which included kicks, body stretching, splits, handstands and somersaults as well as basic Shaolin training including Shaolin Fist, Shaolin Sabre and Staff. His grandfather used to say ‘Children need to get a good foundation in their legs and waist because these skills are difficult to train when you get older.’

 As he matured, his grandfather set him to practice Xing Yi Quan which involved daily Zhan Zhuang (pole standing) and Wu Xing Quan (Five Element Fist). This training was repetitive and intensive and the same movements were practiced for more than 20 or 30 repetitions. Master Li Yu Lin said, ‘the simpler the movement, the more advanced skills can be developed’. Professor Li also trained in Chen style Taijiquan with Master Li Jingwu and in Wudang systems.

Professor Li believes that Taijiquan evolves with the social, economic, environmental and cultural developments. It offers great benefits to today’s fast paced society and the five main styles (Chen, Yang, Woo, Wu & Sun) should include the old long forms as well as simplified short forms and competition forms that were introduced later, because they remain true to the principles and characteristics of the traditional styles.

Since 1960 until his retirement in 2000, Professor Li taught professionally for 40 years and, since 2000, he has continued to teach in seminars around the world. More recently, he has given the teaching in Great Britain over to his three disciples: Master Faye Li Yip (his daughter),Master Tary Yip (son-in-law) and Master Simon Watson and has taken an advisory role, overseeing the training of the students by his disciples and ensuring the highest standard of teaching is maintained.

Professor Li teaches that the spirit needs to challenge the human body to be faster, higher and stronger. Tai Chi training stresses harmony in nature, calling for the unity of people and nature, mind and body and stillness within motion. Getting the right balance and harmony is essential to good Tai Chi practice. His teaching style is warm and encouraging and his disciples are precise and extremely knowledgeable. All levels of Tai Chi players cannot fail to flourish under the guidance of Professor Li and his disciples.


Master Faye Li Yip

Inspired by the family’s martial arts tradition, Master Faye took an interest in martial arts at a very young age. She started with Shaolin Quan at age seven and went on to study Xing Yi, Bagua and Taiji under her father, Professor Li’s strict coaching regime. She travelled with her father to many different parts of China to learn from some of China’s most respected masters and professional coaches and compete as an elite athlete. She also received training from her grand uncle Master Li Tian Ji, famous Xing Yi and Bagua Master, Sha Guo Zheng and Grand Master Sun Jian Yun.

Since 1989, Master Faye has trained over 1000 students of various levels and has travelled extensively to conduct Tai Chi seminars to students in the UK and throughout Europe and, more recently, she has travelled to South America and New Zealand to spread the Tai Chi legacy of her father, Professor Li Deyin and her family traditions.

Master Faye is one of the leading teachers in Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan, standardized forms and Wudang Sword. She is also one of the highest authorities in Europe in Traditional Sun Style Taiji with direct lineage to Grand Master Sun Lu Tang.

Master Faye was also the first person to learn and promote the Taiji Kung Fu Fan forms created by Professor Li Deyin.

In the past few years Master Faye has worked closely with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain in promoting Tai Chi in the UK and making connections with her new project, the Chinese Arts and Culture Centre in Telford and various universities in China. She is a member of the technical panel of the executive committee of the Tai Chi Union GB as well as Chinese Liason Officer for the Union.

Master Faye, along with her husband, Master Tary Yip, founded the British Health Qigong Association to promote one of the most popular Health Qigong systems in the world in 2005 and has travelled extensively to promote Chinese Health Qigong and is regarded as the highest authority, and most highly respected Health Qigong teacher in Europe.

Master Faye’s style of teaching is one of warmth and gentle encouragement. Her knowledge of the subjects she teaches is outstanding and watching her movements in any of her forms is highly inspiring.


Master Tary Yip

Master Tary Yip is a disciple of Professor Li Deyin and also comes from a family with deep Martial roots. His great grandfather is one of the famous Chow Gar Praying Mantis teachers in Hong Kong. Master Tary started training as a teenager under Grand Master Simon Fan, one of the famous Praying Mantis teachers in the UK. Master Tary has practiced and taught Southern Style Praying Mantis Kung Fu for over 35 years and is also a well known Southern Style Kung Fu teacher. 

Master Tary, Professor Li's son in law, has studied under Professor Li Deyin and, over the past 20 years, has dedicated most of his practice and teaching on Traditional Yang and Sun Style Taiji, Xing Yi , Taiji Kung Fu Fan and Wudang Sword. He has travelled extensively to teach students in the UK and Europe, Australia and China. He has also assisted Professor Li in translating some of his teaching DVDs and performed form break down demonstrations in his DVDs. He also co-choreographed and structured the 38 step Sun Style Short Form.

Master Tary has also travelled around the UK and USA assisting Professor Li in seminars and interpreting and teaching with him.

Master Tary is also lead instructor in the Deyin Taijiquan Instructor Training School based at the Chinese Health and Culture Centre in Telford.

Master Tary is also the co-founder of the British Health Qigong Association and has tought extensively. He is also: Technical Consultant and master teacher of the Spanish Deyin Taijiquan Institute branch, Vice President of BHQA, Chairman of Wudang Wushu Assiciation GB, Chairman of Sport Association of UK Chinese Business Confederation, Chief Judge British National Tai Chi Championships and Tai Chi Union Tai Chi Championships.

Master Tary’s teaching style is one of warmth and encouragement and his knowledge is extensive and precise. He will extend the knowledge and physical understanding of all levels of practice.


Master Simon Watson

Simon Watson inherited the title Chairman of Longfei Taijiquan Association of Great Britain, when Richard Watson relinquished the title in 2015 after creating and sustaining the role since its formation in 1991.

Simons interest in Taijiquan began in 1977 when he accompanied Richard to Tai Chi Chuan classes instructed by Master Chu King Hung founder of the ITCCA.

Subsequently learning from Richard the Long Form of Yang Style, Sword, Broad Sword and Tui Shou Traveling to Beijing for the 11th Asian Games in 1990 he was to experience the recently choreographed 42 Combined Taijiquan and meet its founder Professor Li Deyin.

This was to be the inspiration for a successful competition career culminating in a first place in the European Taiji Championships and second place in consecutive years. Also fourth place in the World Championships held in Baltimore USA. He also enjoyed many competition successes in Great Britain. Under British Coach Kim Han he was appointed Captain of the British Wushu Team that gained second place to Russia in the European Championships.

Simon has been a Professional Taiji teacher since he left business in 1998 and trained extensively with Professor Li Deyin and Master Wang Yanji.

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