Tai Chi Interfest 2018 - Overview

Tai Chi Interfest 2018 – A Retreat for the Mind, Body & Spirit

2018 英国太极健身与道家养生国际夏令营暨国际论坛

Theme: Legacy, Sharing, Learning & Growth


Date: 5th – 8th July 2018

活动日期:2018年7月5日 - 8日

After last year's major success with over 200 participants attend the Taiji Interfest at Lilleshall National Sport centre, we have the pleasure to host this fantastic event again in one of UK's most prestigous sport and health facilities.

This year we have the honour of one of the world's most respected Tai Chi Teachers, Professor Li Deyin join us again and share the wealth of his knowledge and some of the inner secret of Tai Chi with our practitioners. We will also have the pleassure of Professor Yang Bai Long, Highly respect Qigong / Chi Kung Grand master, creator of the Health Qigong Ba Duan Jina and Health Qigong seated 12 Treasures to come explore with us the inner essence of Qigong practice and the great health benefits Health Qigong system brings. 

Our three regular masters, Faye, Tary and Simon will be giving seminars on various aspect of Tai Chi and Health Qigong, these include essentials, key points practice, martial and self defence applications, health benefits and philosophy behind the exercises.

This is a unique event guaranteed to be exciting, fun and educating for particpants of all levels, disciplines and ages.

our moto is "Invigorate the mind, Energise the body and Eelease the inner potential of the spirit"

What would our particpants learn? 

  • Philosophy of Taoism in harmony with Tai Chi and Qigong to enrich our life, health and spirit
  • Tai Chi & Qigong for health, wellbeing and mindfulness
  • Push Hands and applications for self defence

The whole event will be overseen by one of the world’s most respected Grand Masters Professor Li Deyin. He will also be sharing his insights in considerable depth on the principles, philosophy and history of Tai Chi. Such insights are rarely known to the western world.

Tai Chi and Qigong enthusiasts of all disciplines and levels are welcomed.

The Event is to be held at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, Newport UK, a centre of excellence for sport and conferences with spectacular surroundings and beautiful gardens.

An event absolutely not to be missed!!!

Location: Lilleshall National Sports Centre
Pave Lane, near Newport
TF10 9AT

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This weekend is jam packed with actions, Training includes:

  • Health Qigong Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong 12 Fa (master class with Professor Yang)
  • Yang Style (24 Step) Tai Chi (master class with PRofessor Li)
  • Health Qigong Seated 12 Treasures
  • Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan (Xi Yang Mei)
  • Tai Chi Push Hands
  • Yang Style (32 Step) Tai Chi Sword
  • Sun Style - 73 Steps (essence and applications)
  • Xing Yi Quan (5 eelement and 2 men application practice)
  • 42 Step Tai Chi Sword (applications)
  • Daoyin Qigong - Heart and Blood soothing set
  • Taiji & Taoism Symposium
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