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Vicky Ahern-Hardiman
Cheam, Sutton, Epsom, Surrey, Greater London, Central London
phone: 020 8641 3756
phone: 07939 553379
Level 4 Instructor
42 Step Combined Taijiquan
88 Step Yang Style Traditional Taijiquan
Taiji Kung Fu Fan Form
16 Step Taiji Straight Sword
32 Step Yang Style Taiji Sword
Sun Style 13 Step Taijiquan
Xing Yi Zhuang Gong (Stance Qigong)
Sun Style 38 Step Taijiquan
10 Essentials of Taijiquan
16 Step Taijiquan (IWUF)
24 Step Yang Taijiquan
8 Step Taijiquan (IWUF)
Accuracy & Applications
Ba Duan Jin Qigong (8 Treasures) classic
Tai Chi Theories - 13 Songs & Study of Tai Chi Treatise
Theory 1 & Push Hand Basics
Vicky has been training in Tai Chi, Qigong & Martial Arts since 1998 & teaching since 2004 at The Chi Clinic in Cheam, Surrey where she is co-owner, also practicing Acupuncture, Massage & Chi-Do Therapy (Hardiman methods).
She started training with Deyin Institute in 2006, has organised Master Faye's Annual Cheam Seminars since 2009, has trained in the UK & China with Prof Li Deyin & with Masters of CHQA whilst travelling on Deyin Pilgrimage & Training Trips. She is proud to have qualified as one of the first European Instructors to teach Taiji Kung Fu Fan in 2008 under Master Faye. Vicky is also enjoying her involvement with the British Health Qigong Association, has qualified to teach all 9 systems of Health Qigong, ‘Authorised Instructor Revalidation Trainer' & 5th Duan Wei (IHQF).
Vicky teaches mainly the Health & Wellbeing aspects of Tai Chi & Health Qigong to adults of all ages, currently up to 96. She teaches regular weekly & monthly classes, Seminars, Workshops, on a one to one basis or in small groups privately or in the Corporate sector to small or larger groups, staff training & AGMs.
She is passionate about these arts & shares her experiences, creating a friendly, caring & encouraging learning environment where everyone is welcome to learn & practice in their own comfort zones.
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August 2020
Tue 11 7:15pm Tai Chi, Health Qigong all levels ONLINE ZOOM! Cheam, Surrey
Tue 18 7:15pm Tai Chi, Health Qigong all levels ONLINE ZOOM! Cheam, Surrey
Tue 25 7:15pm Tai Chi, Health Qigong all levels ONLINE ZOOM! Cheam, Surrey
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